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MELTDOWN (Live in Mexico) - Hi Rez 24bit/48KHZ **King Crimson Like You've Never Heard Before**

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It's easy to hear the benefits of High Resolution Digital Audio. I've never considered myself an audio file and still don't. When I upgraded to a the Marantz CD6007 with an AK4490 DAC able to go as high as 24/192 I figured I'd give it a try. Compared to CDs using the USB input port with albums such as Meltdown (which is at 24/48) the difference is not subtly noticeable. Needless to day I'm spoiled for CDs.

Now this Album created in 2017 is truly one of the great KC albums. The instrumentation and arrangements are best in class, that is KC class. No Jamie Muir, no Adrian Bellew, I read he wasn't interested, and yet Fripp pulled off an act with such complexity, so tight and beautiful this is KC!

A key comment in the liner notes "And on we go, KC now an ongoing venture" says it all. KC/Fripp has reached that point where the music transcends the musicians. Still, the band on Meltdown my be their best line up ever.

The relationship between Fripp and his band in terms of credits, etc. was and is very interesting. KC is Fripp. Yet so many pieces that would be recognized as "Fripp" are given wide credits. Cirkus a crowning achievement on this album is originally credited to Fripp and Sinfield, so how credits were assigned is key to KC history.

One interesting note is the number of pieces from Lizard, the album many still lament, but that in my opinion is one of their best, are still played in the 21st century.

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