Dickens, Shakespeare and others - The Impact of Literature on Anti-Semitism

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

They kept him fed just enough to not die. They kept him on the brink of death, to avoid committing a crime. He made him a petty criminal, shared the takings, food and booze. The former Mrs. Corney and Mr. Bumble, the Beadle, the latter The Jew.

The defense used by Dickens when writing to his friend, xxx, when she questioned him, was that he only knew of Jews who were Fagins. Later he completely retracted that statement to the extent of pairing down his use of "The Jew" in later editions.

Not a character such as Huck Finn, using a colloquial phrase, common in the time, this was Dickens promulgating anti Jewish false stereotypes.

There is no evidence of any such "Jewish" mob in Victorian England.

To be continued.

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