Zappa's Greatest Album?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Zappa's Greatest Work?

"Potty Mouth" was the term one Zappa loving critic used. The term itself feels the opposite of "Zappa" but is actually on target. I was never a "Titties and Beer" guy, the satire, most black and white satire, is not my thing, neither a titties and beer guy nor being in love with the lack of depth in the lyrics always bothered me. Disclaimer, I am the biggest Zappa fan ever :)

Even the description of various instrumental and orchestral pieces include the mis-sexual adventures of some character based on the people he knew as part of his life style, a rock an roll guy. At the age of 50, Zappa's obsession with sexual misadventures was still at the core of his zeitgeist.

Every time I listen to "Boulez Conducts Zappa" I think Zappa IS the great American composer. Aron Copland, Charles Ives, Philip Glass, have a cache' Zappa has earned but does not have.

While Zappa claimed that he would have written instrumental music exclusively, if he could have made a living at it, I find this statement disingenuous. Mocking everyone, conservatives, evangelists, liberals, hippies, punk rockers, was an obsession hidden in plain view by the most sublime music in the country.

To Be Continued.

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