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Photography and Poems

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The Meal


It’s not a machine as commonly thought

It’s a survival process.

Now who doesn’t need to eat?

Who thinks manna is from heaven

Rather than the hands?

Yes, we must have a “machine” to

Produce manna and who is free

From participating in this responsibility?


You artist, of course, many different thinkers may disagree

Even though monikered non-artists exist

To doubt with audacity that art is not contributory?


Historians again I say of course the same.

These things may not be clear and need statistics

But all things need statistics for “proof”.


I present these as statement toward social works, they do not Hold for all

It’s our machine

Man’s process

The true religion of all. 


The growers I did not mention in lieu of confusion we know don’t we what they do?

The reapers I say the same.

Distributors move to the 

Prepares and 

The cooks prepare


The Meal.



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